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Find A Way

“If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.”

I found the above saying on Instagram last night, and I sort of took a moment with it.

I thought about all the things I think are important to me and when I measured them up against this quote I thought, “huh, perhaps that isn’t as important as I thought it was.”

I spend a lot of time getting mad at myself for things not working out the way I want them to, but if I’ve never put in the proper effort to begin with then what do I have to be angry about?

I’ll take some time today to think about what it is I truly want out of life and then start to make some plans. I think the biggest problem I have is making things in the future (either close in the future or in 10 years time) seem relevant to me now. Yes, I am one of those people who has to have the end result in order to feel like I’ve accomplished something – so I have to learn how to feel joyful at the processes and stay focused.


I brought a new album that I am looking forward to listening to however I had a thought as I hopped into bed last night that I could use this album to my advantage – as a sort of “reward” if you will.

I’ve decided that I can ONLY listen to this new album if I am OUT OF THE HOUSE. Doesn’t matter how far I am from my back/front door, as long as I am no longer covered by my roof, I can listen to it. I am doing really well with my anxiety, and do try to get out as much as possible, but I would really like to be doing more.

I imagine myself driving around, now that it’s Summer, with the windows down, going somewhere important and feeling free and happy – because that’s how I used to feel when I first started driving and that’s how I want to feel again.

Plus, the music on this album is upbeat and happy. I’m thinking I can make an association with being out and about with those emotions.

It’s obviously important to me that I live a healthy and fulfilling life. Now, to just get down to the nitty gritty – I know I’ll find a way.


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