Stop Being Such A Sourpuss

So I think the worst of my head cold is behind me, but I’m still not really feeling up to doing much. I’m not going to go to my Yoga class and I’ve had to cancel the jam session my friend and I finally organised after months of nothing.

The reunion of my partner and I went exactly how I thought it would – I was gross and felt terrible and he was exhausted. No one could really look after anybody! The common problem we did have was the fact that we were both starving. Yesterday was the worst day of my cold and so I hadn’t eaten a whole lot and my partner had been on a bus for 3 hours.

We opted for some hot chips, he brought a burger and I went to the supermarket to buy watermelon and bananas. As soon as we got home we ravaged the chips – however, with a cold I could really tell just how much fat were on them. I didn’t really eat as much as I would have if I was well.

I’ve been watching a couple of videos this morning that have encouraged me not to take things so seriously, and so I’m actually thinking of dressing up for Halloween. It’s not something we celebrate over here in Australia, but I think I should stop being such a sourpuss and have some fun. Perhaps I could even find some yummy vegan Halloween-style food to create – hey, Google exists for a reason!

For now, though, I’ll be doing my best to summon the energy to clean the house. We have an inspection on Wednesday (at least, I hope it is Wednesday and not today!) oh, wait, looking at the calendar – the 30th is Thursday! Well, that make me feel a whole lot better! This house is a giant mess! I don’t even know how that’s possible because it’s the smallest house me and my partner have lived in!

Anyway, I’m off to search for some yummy recipes.


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