Facts I Never Knew About The Common Cold

1. Head colds make you delirious.

2. As a child, I probably would have milked this cold for all it was worth – wallowing on the lounge all, “I’m so sick *cough cough*”. Now I’m an adult, I basically ignore the aching head, feeling sick, the need to lay down, and sit playing simple games on the T.V. computer laughing manically at absolutely nothing.

3. Eating is optional!

4. But also essential.

5. They make fizzy dissolvable tablets with all the essential vitamins/minerals you need, so eating is very much optional!

6. Being sick alone SUCKS. Not because I have no one running around after me all, “can I get you a tea?” and “are you hungry?”, but because I have no one to be excited with, no one to drive me to the RSPCA when I say, “let’s get a puppy!”

7. I am torn – colds make me oddly friendly, almost the same way alcohol would do, but I feel too sick to go anywhere to make friends.

8. I have NO idea if I’m being noisy or not. I am probably talking very loud to my bird Monkey which is why he looks a little terrified.

9. The cold has pointed out something very important – my couch DOES NOT HAVE CUSHIONS! Thus, I CANNOT MAKE A FORT, AND NEITHER CAN MY FUTURE CHILDREN! For shame, past me and my partner!

10. I am exhausted and wide awake all at once.



I wrote the above before I went to bed last night. Reading it back now it’s sort of making me laugh. Oh, the first day of a cold is all fun and games but I am really suffering now.

Last night’s sleep was not very successful. I drifted in and out of some pretty weird dreams once I did actually manage to fall asleep.

I’m so tired and lethargic that I can barely muster the energy to do anything besides sit in front of my computer – although I don’t really want to do that. I’m hungry, but there’s nothing in the house I can easily eat… I would really like some watermelon or bananas but I can’t drive and my anxiety plus the heat makes walking to the shops a giant no-no.

There are a couple of things I really wanted to do today, but I guess I’ll have to make do with laying in bed with an aching sinus.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend.

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