Everything’s Happening

I’m going to ask a serious question right now – is anyone else having these days where they feel absolutely void of passion and life, and then having random days of being enthused and beyond happy?

Yesterday I had one of those days. Everything I seemed to do was fun, even standing in front of the mirror doing my hair was elating and I never do my hair. It’s either up in a ponytail or it’s down. That’s it. I don’t go to any trouble except brushing it if I have to leave the house.


Today, however, I am just not impressed and I couldn’t even be bothered to put socks on my cold feet. Normally it wouldn’t really bother me that much but my days lately are filled with this up and down crap, and I’m sort of sick of it.

Thankfully today I will be able to chat with someone who is not at all emotionally invested in my life, so can just give me advice straight up without sugar-coating anything and just telling it as it is.


In other news I joined Instagram and I’m finding that I like it more than Twitter. It is easier to connect with people on Instagram through common interests, and plus everyone likes pictures!



2 thoughts on “Everything’s Happening

  1. Most of my days seem void of passion and life but every now and then something happens and I get super hyped up, giggly and kind of happy, I guess. It doesn’t last long- usually a few hours at the most and then I come back down to earth.
    I love your braid. I wish I could do my hair like that.

    1. It was a lot easier than the picture makes it look – I just parted my hair down the middle, braided the two sides and pulled them up to the top of my head. I didn’t end up having it that way for long, but it was fun.

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