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Don’t Kid Yourself: Men Are Just As Emotional As Women

I had one of those days yesterday. I just wanted to be by myself and do something constructive, and the most constructive thing I could think of was cleaning the house.

Cleaning, for me, is therapeutic. I can get lost in my actions, get rid of thinking, and just feel at peace. Plus, there’s a sense of accomplishment when you’ve finished… except, of course, when you accidentally knock over 4 pot plants and create an even bigger mess (but I secretly relished what happened – more mess to clean!)

I received a message from my partner that we would be going to a surprise when he came home from work. I didn’t particularly want to go anywhere cause I was already happy and all, but I’m not going to pass up a free date! I actually didn’t know what we were going to do, so I ran a bath for him – everyone enjoys a good bath.

In the end he didn’t get to stay in it for long because we had to be at the movies by 6:15 pm.

Long story short, we went to see Maze Runner. It was alright, but I think the next time I see a movie it will be one that actually ENDS. Getting a little sick of these movies that go on and on with billions of installments.

Anyway, when we got home I just wasn’t in the mood to hang out – I was having a me-time day but it’s just really had to do so with someone who has reserved themselves to want to be with you for that whole night.
We ate some belated dinner and sat to watch a T.V series together. Usually I love to watch this series but I just had no interest.

Why? Well, I was more interested in my phone. Now, before you pass judgement, I hardly EVER play with my phone. It is a rare occurrence. If anything, I get in trouble for not having/paying attention to my phone.

But you better believe I got a stern talking to from my partner to the point where he was yelling at me and exiting the room in a huff.

Why do guys get to react in this manner but as soon as a woman does it we’re considered “overly-emotional” or “over-reacting.”?

I reacted just as my partner would have – calm and collected, not really understand what had just happened… finding it almost amusing.

See, my partner isn’t always on his phone, but for the most part I never have his undivided attention. Even when we go out to eat he is always looking at other people (people watching) and gauging if they’re some kind of criminal (his former guard-self at play) or checking other women out (which is fine by me.)

But do I go all crazy on him?

Now that I have a little think about it, perhaps he was feeling jealous. I had just installed Instagram on my phone and so I had all of these notifications coming up that at side-glace might have made him feel unnerved. Plus, I was already feeling distant to begin with so all of that probably not the best combination.

Anyway, it’s just interesting how much women are portrayed as being emotional when we all know men are prone to the same outbursts – it’s just that for a woman, that outburst is more often than not an implosion while men is more an explosion.



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