Too Much Of A Good Thing Therapy

I wonder if I can get over chocolate completely by constantly eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Well, I think I’m halfway there. In the course of a little less than a week I’ve made my way through about 4 blocks of chocolate (most times with the help of someone else) and I’d have to say that the appeal is starting to wane. Right now, I’m sitting next to the last row of my dark chocolate and there is no urge to stick it in my mouth. If anything, I may be feeling a little repulsed by it.

I don’t actually want to be repulsed by chocolate but it would be nice to go one day without craving it. Even when I eat fruit I still crave it.

I really need to detox my body, not just for 3 days, or 5 days, but for a while. A friend of mine took me outside for a “tree meditation” which, at the time, I didn’t really feel was doing anything until we had finished and I felt like my insides were a murky tar pit. It’s something I guess I don’t noticed while I’m going about my life all “tra-la-la, la-la”. I mean, I know my body ain’t all that and a bag of potato chips because of health issues that are still around but I think it’s something that I put up with and thus “get used to.”

Anyway, it is Monday again and I have my Yoga class at lunch time, and I AM going this time.

I better get my stuff together because I slept in this morning (oh, the dreams I was having!) so I don’t have very long to do my morning stuff.

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