Shut Up Ego, I Do So Have An Interesting Life!

I logged back into FaceBook today; not because I missed it but because I wanted to get in touch with an old friend. See, my partner has it in his mind that the next big financial opportunity is in 3D printing. Something to sink, at the bare minimum, $600 into that may or may not work out. However, I know from an old friend that 3D printing is not something to take lightly. This friend makes cos play outfits using a 3D printer and I have seen status update after status update about how he is up all hours of the morning using his equipment.

I want to get in touch with this guy because rather than us spending another $600 we don’t have, I could perhaps hook them up and my partner could see first hand what goes into 3D printing and if it is really what he wants to do. If it is, then at least I’ve given him a connection that could help him if he ever gets stuck.

Anyway, after setting the ball in motion (writing “hey, wazz-up” to my friend), I started to go through the profiles of my old friends. It is true what they say about how selective we are in regard to how we choose to portray ourselves on social media. Everywhere I looked there were countless photos of being up in hot air balloons, patting tigers, sitting on tropical beaches, being an conventions in Ireland… I mean, the list goes on and on.

I began to think of my life and how dull it is, how I will never have anything interesting to post and so have never done so in the past (I also don’t really like to be all, HEY LOOK AT HOW COOL MY LIFE IS! I think that’s a tad rude – I always share with those who are in my life, I just don’t need social media to do that, really.)

But then I thought, hang on… I do have a really interesting life. Shut up, Ego!

My Ego is always telling me that all the things I do are boring, with or without FaceBook in mind but I’ve come to realise that I have a a ballin’ life.

For example, I work in one of Australia’s most iconic buildings and have seen things that knocked my socks off, and apparently that’s not considered interesting?! I have been behind the scenes of many places, run into some really genuine people, and have some great talents. Just because people don’t hit a “like” button on my life, that’s what makes it uninteresting? Please.

I think I need some major retraining of my brain. It needs to learn that to me, I am fantastic and my life is worth living.


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