Should I Bother?

I am supposed to go to my first of 10 yoga group classes today, but I really don’t feel like it…. and I know that when you don’t feel like doing something you should do it all the more, but there is just something wrong with me today – I’m not sure what it is.

Probably the fact that I’ve been eating terribly lately (not as fresh and nature loving as I want to) and probably to do with the horrible sleep I had. It rained here last night (well, early morning) but just before it did you better believe it got hot and muggy. I woke at around 4 AM and wandered around the bedroom looking for a spot that was cooler than where I was sleeping. I’m pretty sure if I had found one, I would have curled up on the floor on gone back to sleep. Anyway, I had to drag my fan out of the corner and turn it on.

I am not looking forward to Summer. I’m going to die.

Then, my partner woke me at 7:30 AM because I was driving him to work – even though it wasn’t raining at that time and has not rained since – and it was super difficult to drag myself out. I knew my body wasn’t ready, but there’s not much I could do about that.

So here I am, half asleep, groggy and just wondering if I should bother. I could validate a choice of not going by saying home and doing some exercise or yoga, but then, I might as well be there… doing yoga…

I have also been super grumpy lately. I have no idea why. Perhaps it’s because I am craving connection to people but not feeling it. I don’t really think it’s the time to be thinking such things anyway, I want to keep my mood as positive as possible.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned over all this time of being focused on health is that it is nearly impossible to be happy, to be your true self – the self you know you can be – when you feel, physically, sick and tired.

My birds Monkey and Sandy are yelling. It’s like having two children that won’t SHUT UP! I feel the mothers out there.

One thought on “Should I Bother?

  1. Sometimes it helps to just push yourself a little to do the things you “don’t feel like” doing. I know, because I do the same thing. Sometimes just getting out and being around positive energy, like a yoga class, makes you feel better. And sometimes we have to just forge on, even when we don’t want to. So many times I’ve felt this way, but usually when I do push myself, I say, “You know, I’m so glad I did that.”

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