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Challenge Accepted

$300 to last two people for a fortnight.

I’m sure many people around the world support more people on far less, but my partner seems to think it can’t support two grown adults for 2 weeks.

So, challenge accepted!

I suppose I could get angry, or upset, and be depressed like I’m sure he is feeling right now – but I choose to see this as an opportunity. How can I make $300 span the course of 2 weeks. What lessons with this teach me about being frugal and saving?

I’m sure my mother did it, and she had a family.

Thankfully, the pantry is already filled with a lot of odds and ends. I just need to grab some more vegetables from the markets and research what kind of dishes I can make with what we already have.

Is it weird I am excited?


In other news, I saw a job online that I thought might suit me. As with all of those jobs I inevitably file it under “consider later” and forget about it – however my partner took me out last night for date night, and without even knowing what I had looked at, took me to the very place I’d read about in the job ad. Would you consider that a sign? I did. Mostly because I didn’t even know this place existed and it was brought to my attention twice in the one day.

It’s a beautiful place too – surrounded by beautiful, native bushland, and I wouldn’t have to waste all my energy walking back and forth, back and forth, like I do at my current workplace. Plus, it’s only just down the road from where I live (so less separation anxiety from my home – at least, that’s what I laughingly call it) and it is free parking! (My current workplace just brought in paid parking – $12.50 a day!)

It’s time for a change, I think. That’s not to say that I would be quitting my current job – I would remain a casual – but with the way things are going, hell, I’m writing a blog post about surviving on $300 for the next two weeks! I need to change something! I would have to work more often but I think I need to – I’ve got to get out of this lazy funk I’m in. Although I do have a legit reason to be cautious I think I’m becoming too used to not doing anything.

I’m trying to convey that message to my current workplace but because I have been all over the shop for so long, they are reluctant to roster me into a position.

Besides, it will encourage me to stay healthy – to make sure I’m able to work and thus eat accordingly…

…and not eat soft yogurt full of dairy for date night, then waking in the night feeling sick and carrying around a sore head all day today!


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