Seductive Bedtime Dance

I was blessed with another rough bedtime.

As always, when my partner comes to bed after me, he wakes me up – but now my feet have started to get hot again during the night, so it seemed impossible to get back to dreamland. I tried my best but no position I lay in, no way I had my legs, no side I tried to get to sleep on worked.

Then, around 3 AM, one of our neighbours came home and couldn’t open the front door. So someone inside the house turned on the porch light, which to eyes at 3 AM loosely translates to “the sun”, and made a whole fuss and bother.

Then, my partner played his ever seductive dance of “which way can I lie that will cause me to make the most (snoring) noises possible”, so I vacated the area.

It used to be very pleasant for me to do so in our old house – we had a spare bed that I could stagger and collapse into. Now, I have to clear room in the office, wheel the wheelie cot out of the laundry and set it up. Then I’ve got to drag my doona and pillow in there and try and get myself comfortable on a thin piece of foam layered over a hard, springy material.


Besides all that, I am feeling rather good today. I still feel tired, a little exhausted and stuffed up, but I have a renewed sense of “well, I suppose I could at least try to focus on being happy and positive…”

I still have no idea what it is I’m doing, or going to do, in life but I feel a little ease in coming to terms with that.

Because, there’s no hurry.


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