Behind Closed Doors

I managed to do more than just mope around the house feeling generally crappy yesterday. I had a think about where to put my painting/paints so that I might actually finish the darn thing. See, in the lounge room I had to sit on the floor in order to paint and since my left knee isn’t cutting me any slack (swelling wise) being on the floor is pretty much the last place I want to be.

So, I decided to use my little two-draw… thing in the office that was holding some folders and general papers I always say “I’ll look through later” but never do. I spend a lot of time on my computer doing “bad habit” type stuff (watching YouTube videos all day) so now every time I turn around, there’s my painting, staring me in the face all “FINISH ME!”


I’ve also been using my piano for storage lately – whenever I have an item that I am unsure where to put or too lazy to put it in it’s right spot, I just stack it on the piano. Pretty soon I have a mess of colours and parts that are just ugly to look at and put me right off wanting to play; not to mention the amount of dust that area usually accumulates.

So, I dusted it all off, threw the clump of no-homed objects on the floor, and made it a place that I would want to spend time staring at while my creativity figured out how to finish a song.


I think it looks pretty.

Health wise, I am feeling better today although still a bit spacy and stuffed up. I’m not entirely sure what happened, how I managed to pick something up, but I was quite stressed for a while.

I’m going to try not to get worked up about the things I don’t need to, especially relationship stuff. My partner said to me last night, “we should break up and just help each other with our goals and careers.” It’s a simple idea, but I kind of thought that we don’t really need to break up in order to do that – you just need to shift your ideals about what a relationship is, right?

Either way, I’m not one to talk: I’ve always been a fence sitter in life, and that goes for relationships. I feel sorry for my partner, I can never make up my mind.


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