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I’m Here

Well, I decided to head up to Sydney to see my Grandmother. Even though I feel sick a lot of the time and my anxiety has been difficult to work with, I just wanted to get away. Get away from my city, away from my partner, away from myself and who I am when I’m at home.

At the moment I’m laying in a field of daisies in the sunshine, watching my duck Quackers be her cute self.

I want to upload photos but my phone won’t let me, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

My anxiety was trying to convince me that the car trip with my brother over here would be horrible, that I would have a panic attack, but it was fine. We talked about life, caught up on the important events and didn’t sit in uncomfortable silence at all.

My anxiety yesterday was bad. Everything that I thought of seemed to hype me up, like in the old days. I couldn’t logically control it. So I just did as best as I could and today things don’t seem to be too bad.

The problem with your mind is that it leaves a lot out of the equation, like how nice it feels to be with family, that a break is a good as a holiday, that no matter how you feel inside, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a nap or chilling out.

So, now I’ll just hang out.

Hope everyone is well, and you can spent some time in the daisies.


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