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Why Do You Have To Bring That Up?

I realised that in the excitement of life and all that special stuff, along with forgetting to take my daily does of good bacteria for my digestion, had also forgotten to take some other really important things my body needs; namely B Vitamins (especially B12 on my mostly Vegan diet) and oils (Omega 3,6 + 9).


B Vitamins MUCH NEEDED TO KEEP STRESS LEVELS LOW! and the oils help with inflammation, something that is bugging me a lot lately.

That being said my body has done remarkably well to stay relatively healthy up until now. Things are getting better on the inside, even if I can’t see it. I knew something was going on, because the panic was slowly returning – catching me at moments when I was being lazy with my thoughts. Even today, in the supermarket, I was perfectly happy browsing the aisles… that was until the word “anxiety” crossed my mind, and all of a sudden I can feel my body begin the oh-so-familiar build-up of hormones ready to be released; almost as if I was made of gears, and they all started turning.

I sort of found it funny – how one tiny little thought could start an avalanche that, if left unchecked, could possibly have me running wild with fear. I said to myself, “why bring that up? we’re having a perfectly nice shopping trip and you have to bring that up?” – almost like bringing a friend along with you on holiday and every time you are having fun they mention something depressing or upsetting that happened ages ago.

Today I am ACHING!

I performed my new exercises yesterday morning which was intense enough, but for date night I decided to take my partner to the arcade again and “shoot some hoops”. Little did I know that the machine I was on was broken and literally just would not stop going.

My arms are fairing rather well for all of that effort, they aren’t bothering me, it’s my upper ab muscles that are the sorest – not what I expected at all. It makes coughing a real pain in the butt; well, pain in the ab, really.

Anyway, my partner is not feeling very well today. I gave him my childhood remedy last night for anything cold/flu-like – one crushed clove of garlic mixed with honey. Pretty much kills anything, that garlic. I have to go into work this afternoon and it’s my only shift for this entire fortnight – a whole 4 hours. I am looking for other work but a large majority of it requires some sort of “Certificate III in whatever”, or “a minimum 2 years experience” and the rest is pretty much manual labour or physically exertion for long periods of time to which my body would say, “well you can do that, but I’m not going to!”




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