Every Girl’s Dream

Today I have to pick a movie for date night, but there’s nothing on that jumps out at me. Not sure if that’s because of my mood or not.

My mood is down in the dumps again – if I try to bring myself up and out, I get really angry. I would like to feel happy again but something’s happening inside that I’m not privy to. Looks like I’ll be wondering around in a cloud of “dunno” for a little while. Even my partner has picked up on it and is constantly asking me, “are you sure you don’t want to talk?” – every girl’s dream, right?

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I had a break in taking Inner Health Plus (good gut bacteria)? I have fared pretty well, better than I would have months ago, but old problems are starting to re-surface. A bit later on I think I’ll head to the chemist and grab some more.

Yesterday I was majorly sore from the exercises. The little program I’m following is one day on, one day off, type thing and today is another day on. Actually, as soon as I finish this, I’ll be on the floor with my weights trying to strengthen areas of my body I didn’t even know I had.

Monkey is getting pretty lonely these days – Sandy spends a lot of her time on the eggs, which I’m still not certain are fertilised, and so Monkey is left to his own devices – which is pretty much yelling at everything and everyone. Oh, and if I start singing, he joins in too.

So that’s it from me – nothing too exciting. I’d better get to those exercises because my banana, water and protein powder smoothie is staring at me, all, “why won’t you eat me?”


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