Eat ALL The Chocolate!

Finally up before 10 AM! *high five*

I’m not going to spend too long on the computer today – over the weekend I’ve resorted to playing a game on my laptop for pretty much all of my spare time. Don’t get me wrong, I did do all the things that needed to be done; the washing, some weeding, vacuuming my car, but my right arm is starting to get twinges in it and I know that ain’t good. I also feel the spaciness coming back and I get kind of lazy in regard to food I’m eating (I ate a whole packet of Belgium dark chocolate over 2 days) so it’s time to walk away!

My new goal for the upcoming weeks is to become a little stronger. I’m a thin girl but heaven knows I’m not fit. I found an old workout booklet with a lot of good leg exercises which I’m going to start today. It’s not a vanity thing – I just want to feel good in my body, and get gigantic leg muscles like my partner’s which split the very seams of his jeans… haha, not really. The sun is out this morning so I think I’ll grab a yoga mat and do the exercises outside.

Apart from the backlash of eating ALL the chocolate, I’m pretty good. My partner and I actually got out on the weekend and that made a nice change. We did a little shopping together on Friday, Saturday he took me to explore a new cafe – but went to the wrong suburb, so we just ate at a cafe nearby which served a surprising amount of GF food, and then on Sunday we went out to eat some sushi and brought a whole bag full of vegetables for $35!

I’ll get back into my pondersome blog posts soon!


3 thoughts on “Eat ALL The Chocolate!

    1. We brought some Sea Salt bricks that you can (apparently) bake/grill on, and a couple of Blue Rays – I saw Love Actually and had to buy it for my mother, as she accidentally gave her copy away to the local library! I wanted to do some clothes shopping but it just wasn’t my day for that, plus we are transitioning seasons and I didn’t want to buy a whole bunch of clothes I wouldn’t end up wearing.

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