DRAMA! *jazz hands*

This weekend has been quite exciting.


It all started Friday evening when my partner called to ask if I could see his wallet anywhere. I replied, after searching the house and all the places he would most likely put it, that no, I couldn’t find it.
By the time my partner returned to our home with his nephew he was already on the phone canceling his cards. Now, with the fancy new “paywave” options for our credit/debit cards in Australia, it means anyone can use a card with a chip for purchases under $100. All they have to do is wave it at a little machine and BAM! No one asks any questions. It’s really stupid if you ask me.

Anyway, as I was tidying our bedroom I thought to myself, “hang on – he went to a photoshoot today in a suit…” and then “surely he has checked his suit pockets…” and then “DRAMA” as I unzipped the suit case and felt his pant pockets to reveal… a wallet!

So I yelled out, “I found it!!!” as he was about to call yet another bank.

He couldn’t believe it – and had a very sheepish look on his face. “It was in your suit” I said. I was just in disbelief he didn’t think to check his suit, considering he has a habit of leaving his wallet in pant pockets.

So, half of our money is somewhat locked away until he can access a temporary card.


The second exciting thing occurred just last night. It was getting late and I knew I had to be up early for work today so I gave up my will of staying awake and settled in for sleep at around 11:30. As a bit of a ritual, I play a word game on my old iPhone to help my eyes become weary, which went off without a hitch…

…however as I was blissfully drifting off after switching the light off…


Loud bass fills the vibrational air! What’s worse, there was no rhyme or reason to it. It would stop for a minute or two and then come back again with a different beat. With my musical ear I figured it was someone testing their speakers, which to me seemed like a car’s speakers, however I was a little perplexed as to why they would be doing so at 11:45 PM. Actually, “perplexed” isn’t the right word, something more akin to “pissed off.”

This went on for almost an hour and then stopped as suddenly as it started. Thank god because it was like torture, especially with those 1 – 2 minute breaks in-between.

Unfortunately I was wide awake at this point and had to go for a little walk around the house to soften urges to embed my iPhone into the wall via throwing force. I did manage to get to sleep…

…but then was awoken again at 4:30 AM!

This time my partner was returning from a night on the town with his nephew from Europe. Again, unfortunately, because our new house is so small and everything is connected to everything else – well, I heard everything. Every door opening, every toilet flush, every turn of the tap, talking, you name it I heard it!

At this point I was considering throwing in the towel and just getting of out bed, but knowing I had to be at work in a little over 3 hours meant I had to just try my best to relax.

My partner woke me at 8 AM telling me I was still in bed (DUH!) and was I still working? I told him I was, but might just have to be a little late. In the end I was only 10 minutes behind, but considering I was 30 minutes early yesterday I figure it’s justifiable.


And that’s my dramatic weekend! *jazz hands*



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