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Eating, Anxiety and Life In General

So today I realise without a doubt that my tiredness after work stems from my lack of fuel during the day.

My stomach was a little off this morning and it’s super hard to put things into it when it’s like that. I spanned the day with only one banana, a handful of corn chips and a couple of olives in my belly – and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that’s not enough. At my job I move, I walk, I tackle stairs frequently and so I know that amount of food isn’t going to keep me going.

That’s why it’s oh so important to keep my stomach happy.

As soon as I got home I made a protein shake with a new product I found in a health food shop called “Raw” by a company called Amazonia. Protein is a hugely important part of someone’s diet and since I switched to a pretty-much-vegan diet God knows I’m not eating nearly enough protein – not due to my own ignorance, but nearly because of the whole stomach thing.


My partner’s nephew arrived yesterday and I met him and felt absolutely nothing. Not a thing. Excuse me, I have to take a mini nap…



One totally awesome thing I’ve just realised about having him here is he’s sleeping in our office – and so instead of going straight there after work and sitting in front of my computer ignoring my body’s need for rest, I settled in on my bed with my laptop and just now had a mini nap! I feel sooo much better!

Now, what I mean about “I didn’t feel a thing” is everything that a write about last night in regard to my anxiety and having other people stay in my home. Wow, what a change! Considering I couldn’t do something like this a year or so ago. I would be huddled in a ball by now, crying and stressed out of my brain.


Actually, just to speak a little about my anxiety – it has changed drastically.

At work today I felt no anxiety, even with the usual symptoms coming up that might cause it. I even forgot what anxiety was. There are still things I avoid doing because I think I might have an anxiety-type reaction to it, but I bet if I tried at the moment I’d be pleasantly surprised.

The only thing that’s annoying me constantly at the moment is my left knee – my swollen joint that has been up and down since I was 16. At the moment it is pretty stern on “up.” That’s okay though, because I know my body doesn’t do anything without some kind of reason behind it.


Anyway, I’m getting tummy rumbles so I’m going to go get some goodness into me!

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