Leaving It Alone Experiment

I have decided to conduct an experiment on myself.

I’m going to ban use of any computer.
This includes my phone – it is a mini computer after all – bar the email/phone aspect of it (I need to know if I’m working or not!)


Well, I’m going to see if sitting here in front of the computer for most of my day is causing my mood changes.

Lately I have been in a huge funk and I think it is because I spend far too much time on this darn thing, watching other people live their lives rather than using my imagination and being productive. I can waste hours; before I know it my partner is home from another days work and I haven’t even put dinner on.

I’m waking up in the morning feeling slightly depressed, thinking, “here we go again”, the right side of my body gets twinges and aches, and I reach the end of the day, most days, feeling as though I’ve accomplished nothing – probably because I haven’t!

Oh, and the time I spend playing that stupid Sims game! Watching some computer simulated person become a master at their craft – while my easel sits in the corner gathering dust.

It’s the 22nd of August and I have no idea where half of the month went.

It’s absolutely insane.

Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean I’ve given up on blogging. I just need some time to sort myself out and I can’t do that while I’m distracted by the wonderful world of the Internet.

I spent the better half of this afternoon stricken from my computer and I’ve managed to write a new song! Just imagine what I could do with a whole week.

I will be back in time and with the results of my experiment.



3 thoughts on “Leaving It Alone Experiment

  1. I think it has more of an effect than we realise. I have nothing to blog about, because I’m not doing much. I love technology but it’s so addictive. I notice the difference in my son when he has next to no screen time – after the brief ‘I wish i was watching/ playing Adventure Time/ Minecraft blah blah’ stage he is quietly productive and so content creating or playing or whatever. It can be a trap because it’s so instantly gratifying. Good luck xx

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