I’m A Little Weakling, Short And Stout

I’m not short, nor stout; nor do I have a handle but it seems I am becoming a bit of a weakling.

I just tried to do a couple of leg exercises on the floor of my office and BOY was that hard work! I felt a little guilty that I didn’t go to the gym with my partner when I said, “gym starts on Wednesday!” and also towards my poor body that gets little to no exercise besides the housework I do. I know that exercise is good for us, for a whole bunch of reasons, and I KNOW I would benefit greatly from it… and yet… it’s so hard guys, isn’t it?

Running used to be my love when I was a lot younger and so I made a goal with my acupuncturist/counsellor/amazing-healing-woman that I would try and get back to that stage again – where I could run freely without worrying if I would pass out, or fall over, or my knee would hurt, or that I would only make it down the end of the street before I hobbled back home.

Anyway, the floor workout just now clearly pointed out the areas of my body that need the “oil can” i.e. everywhere.

In other news, my computer decided today that it would go blank – nothing but a blank, white screen as soon as I punched in my password. In true I.T Crowd fashion I turned it off and on again, and check that it was “plugged in” but to no avail. Usually in these types of situations I throw my hands up in the air, call someone close to me to whine about it, and wait for my partner to get home to “fix it” but this time I thought, “I may as well give it a crack.”

(P.S “give it a crack” in Australia slang means “give it a go.”)

So, I called the Apple customer support line and wouldn’t you know it I was talking to a real, live person straight away. He had an American accent, so I’m not too sure if that’s where my call was transferred to, but I was just so excited not to be waiting for the next available rep!

He took me through, step-by-step, the Apple way of turning your computer on in “safe mode” so that the system bypassed whatever it was causing the trouble. I asked if my lack of disc space would cause something like this to happen, and he was relieved to not have to find a cause himself – yes, apparently, only having 3 gigs of space left on your hard drive could cause the whole system not to function.

So I thanked him and went about clearing as much space as I could so I could reboot and run it in normal mode to clear the rest. I’m not happy to say I have 121 gigs of space! I think if I want to pursue film/editing I made have to buy a tower with lots and lots of external hard drives.



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