Full And Exhausted

Well the weather is finally heating up! No more minus 6 mornings!

I don’t even have to put the heater on as I sit in the office – the sun is dong a wonderful job of keeping me warm (not to mention the hot water bottle I have on my lap.)

I had a pretty productive day yesterday. Petrol for my car, picked up some much needed groceries – and wouldn’t you know it, all the people I interacted with were very nice. At lunch time I came home and ate and then it hit me. BAM! I could barely keep my eyes open. No idea why I had the sudden lack of energy but I didn’t beat myself up about it. I just switched on the T.V. and watched a few shows with a cuppa.

There were still some things I needed to get done but I was feeling full and exhausted. My stomach doesn’t seem to be producing enough acid to break down foods so it feels like it takes hours for the darn stuff to move on. Getting some more Inner Health Plus from the discount chemist was very much high on my list, but I thought, “well I’ll just eat lunch first and go a bit later” but now it was getting close to 4 PM and I was still struggling to find the energy.

Thankfully, as I sat down to belt out some tunes on the piano, my partner turned up. He came home early to spend some time with me, and so I took advantage of that and we went out together. After I grabbed what I needed, I really wanted to go to another chemist a few kms away and grab a new hot water bottle (my old one was leaking). Instead of just thinking the usual, “it’s too far away and who am I to ask for what I want” I went ahead and did it anyway.

Two of our friends came over to have dinner and watch some episodes of the new Cosmos show. I, unfortunately, felt sick – again, because my stomach didn’t seem to want to digest – and I have to admit it made me feel very anxious. I decided in the end to just enjoy myself regardless of if I felt like I was going to hurl.

I am still feeling rather tired today, but I think that’s because I tried to boost my energy yesterday with chocolate and that never works out well for anybody.



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