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Nothing Too Exciting

Great day today.

My parents are visiting on account of my birthday this month, and I had a nice day with them. First of all we went to a vegetarian/vegan cafe and had some lunch. I ordered something to eat, but she must have misheard me (or I said one thing but meant another) and I received something I wasn’t expecting. I ate it anyway – it was nice enough, but a bit oily. My father and I also had fresh juices, it was yummy.

Then, after that, we went into a store with all these interesting nick-nacks (like the one you see on Kath & Kim, run by those two very polish ladies) and we each brought something we liked. My mother brought a shaul (I think that’s how you spell it), my father brought a head with 4 different faces on it, and I brought a new wallet.

On the way back to the car I spotted another health food shop I had never been in before with a whole bunch of cool stuff. I had a chat to a lady about protein suppliments and my father talked with the owner about homeopathy and what not. I brought some dried banana to eat – literally just that. Bananas, cut in half, and dried – nothing else. I would like to go back there with some money and just buy a lot of stuff I would like to try, and hinted that maybe that could be my birthday present.

We drove to check my parents in to their hotel – they got a really great deal somewhere where they usually stay. Instead of spending $160 for a single room with two beds, then spent the same and got a small apartment. I think it could have even been the size of my current house!

My mother and I left my father to have a nap while she drove me to my naturopath/health guy. I’ve basically been feeling not quite right for a while, and he confirmed everything that I’d been personally researching (and that my acupuncturist has said). My pancreas is having a hard time regulating my blood sugar levels which is why I am up one minute and down the next. I’ve also been contracting a lot of stomach bugs recently, so he suggested my stomach wasn’t producing enough stomach acid (especially since I said I was having a hard time digesting animal protein and such).

As I write this I am feeling very tired.

Now I guess I’ll just find out how I can naturally get those two organs to get going again.


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