Visit From A Fairy

When I was young, not too sure how old, I lost a tooth. Nothing surprising there, considering all children lose a tooth or two. As any other child, I was excited because that meant I would get a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

I don’t remember too much about my preparation before I went to sleep that night, or if I was too excited to sleep, but I do remember that instead of sleeping with the tooth underneath my pillow my parents encouraged my brother and I to put it in a little dish on our dresser or desk. I am glad they did because I have always been a light sleeper and if they had tried to lift my pillow in the night I would have woken up.

When I got out of bed the next morning I walked slowly over to my desk to check and see if she’d been.

She had.

What lay on the desk waiting for me was a delicate piece of paper that looked faded and worn, with bits around the edges burnt slightly. To one side was a drawing – a self-portrait of the tooth fairy herself. Of course there was also money waiting for me, but I couldn’t believe my eyes! She had written a message – one that I don’t recall and wouldn’t want to try because I don’t think I’d even come close to remembering – in her fairy handwriting that I’m pretty sure I had to ask my father or mother with help to decipher it.

It was the most magical thing I had ever experienced. I’m not entirely sure if I believed in Santa or the Tooth Fairy, or any of that type of thing, so I was a little confused to be in the possession of this letter.

I’m not too sure when I realised it was my father who had written the note – he had studied art as a young man, so drawing a fairy wasn’t really too difficult for him – but I am so grateful he went out of his way to make losing a tooth so magical and memorable.

I am not sure where the note is to this day – I’m pretty sure I put it in that safe place. You know the one, so safe that you can’t for the life of you remember where you put it. I wish I still had it because although I know it was my father who did it, the note still seemed mystical and magical somehow.

Do you remember any magical times when you were a child?


3 thoughts on “Visit From A Fairy

  1. I think for me it was playing around our koi pond. It was small and surrounded by bushes and trees. I always sore that fairies lived there. And while I’m sure now it was my imagination the feeling memories (I’m not sure what to call them but they aren’t memories of the moments an things that happen. But of how you felt) are what remains magical to me. There are a few memories that fall into that category that summon those feelings.

    I also swear there was once a turtle that was two feet tall in the woods behind my house. But that’s another story.

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