Don’t Eat Un-ripe Bananas!

I suffered from a weirdness in my stomach over the weekend, and yesterday I pretty much felt right as rain…

…that was until I had some bananas for lunch.

I thought the bananas were ripe, as they were yellow in colour and one of them even had some brown spots developing, but as I started to break them up to put in my little bender I knew they weren’t. I had to work hard to separate chucks and at that stage I should have just admitted defeat and stopped. I didn’t really think much of it, so I blended them anyway and it didn’t taste that bad.

I didn’t start to regret it until about an hour or so afterwards.

I was right back to having this weird taste in my mouth as if I had spent most of the day being sick, my small intestines were hurting and bloated, and my stomach was sore. I tried to warm myself up with a hot water bottle but it didn’t do anything – it felt like my organs were cold and I couldn’t get to them to heat them up.

For dinner I ate some homemade vegetable soup and after that I started to feel better. I still felt bloated and as if I was full, but since I was able to eat two bowls of the soup I assumed it was just my guts whinging.

Who knew? Well, I do now. I know a lot better!

Today is a nice day, the kind of day I should get out of the house and go for a walk. Tell you what though, I really don’t feel like it. It’s one of those situations where you know you’d feel better if you just did it but getting to that stage is hard.

There is also something going on with our rental payments – I don’t know what it is because my partner a) gets in a huff when he has to deal with things like this, and b) apparently I’m not considered an equal renter because they haven’t contacted me about it. When I tried to ask my partner he said he didn’t have the time right now to talk about it – which I totally understand, he is at work after all – but I’m a control freak! I neeeeeeed to know and it annoys me not to.

Speaking of not knowing, still no word about this new job. Still no call, or email, or anything. My partner wants me to call again, but when I spoke to the woman the last time she said they were just waiting on the higher-ups to figure it all out and she would call when everything was sorted. So, just have to, I dunno, keep myself busy really.


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