Few And Far Between

Well, good morning. It’s another beautiful day!

Pity it was such a craptastic night.

My vision went a bit weird while watching a movie last night, and so I had to compose myself for the rest of it – trying not to entertain my anxious thoughts that I was perhaps dying, you know how it is. Thankfully, when the movie ended, my friend decided to head home so I didn’t have to be rude and get rid of her.

I felt odd for the rest of the night and at around 5 am I woke up feeling very ill. My partner wasn’t home from his night on the town (which apparently he wanted to end a lot sooner than everyone else, but didn’t have a way home) and I felt vulnerable. I was eventually able to fall back asleep but I was scared of waking in 10 minutes feeling even sicker.

I am just super-doper sick of this. I’m also super-doper sick of going to the doctors and having them find nothing wrong with me.

When my friend came over, I felt good, I felt happy, and I was on a roll with this whole ‘not feeling sick’ business.

My mother texted me saying, “focus on the good times,” and I replied with, “few and far between these days, mother.”


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