Sunshine And Ghost Hands

Just a quick one this morning. The sun is finally out, there is ZERO wind and it’s time to get some much needed sunlight! I’m thinking a good kick of a soccer ball around the park is in order.

No word on the job, STILL. Looks like it will be a surprise next week.

As I was sleeping last night I felt fingertips grab at my hip (not pull me, just put pressure on that area) and my reaction, obviously, was to swat the hand away. I ended up whacking myself right in the hipbone! I was concerned because I was sleeping alone and so I turned the light on – no one was there. I thought about leaving the light on – you know how we all do when we have nightmares – but I was too tired.
I’d actually forgotten about it until I hit my hipbone again this morning and it all came flooding back.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


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