Wednesday Already

Today I’m just sitting here typing what ever comes into my mind.

It’s windy here and the clouds are practically galloping past, so the sun often pops it’s head in and out.


Golly, I got side-tracked. Actually, my day today is planned pretty well so I’m just following what past me wrote down. I’m applying for a music-based scholarship and the application has to be in by tomorrow. I’ve applied myself well (do I want to use the word apply any more in this paragraph?) and managed to get some answers out of my brain. Now it is lunch time! I have no idea what to eat, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something. I was thinking about going outside but the more I look out the window the sleepier I get – I’m assuming I’m having an allergic reaction to crappy weather.

Hope all is good with everyone else out there!


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