One Of Those Days

I just seem to be having one of those days. You know, in a bad mood, getting worked up, feeling all the feels.

I don’t really want to go into it much, there was some confrontation with my partner and then there were those charity people outside the supermarket who always seem to want to bug me, I have no idea why. I told one man as I was going into the store that I wasn’t interested, and then as I came out the other one tried to reel me in, and because I was already in a bad mood I pretty much yelled no at him.

I don’t have a problem giving to charities – don’t get me wrong. It’s just when they start to bug you and ask for more than what you can afford to offer, that’s when I get annoyed. If they had a little bucket there where you could just drop a donation in, give what you can, they would be much more successful – like the man from the Salvos who sits quietly and patiently with his little wooden box – not barraging people for a $10 minimum.

And so now, we’re back home after enjoying some lunch.

I know I should turn this mood around – I’m a believer in whatever you put out there you get back – but at the moment I just seem to find it impossible. I keep thinking too much about how much easier it would be to live alone, because at times when I don’t want to deal with another person I don’t have to. I don’t have to get angry at the fact that I’ve asked my partner 5 or more times to fold the laundry or the fact that we just had a huge talk about how much time he is wasting playing a stupid zombie computer game all weekend and then whinging that he has no time to get anything done, but as soon as we got home, where do you think he is? What do you think he is doing?


I had an interview for a new job at my current workplace. It was the most informal interview I think I’ve ever been to – I think besides the one I had to work at a sandwich shop, were we basically just sat down in the food court and she hired me on the spot – and I think it went really well. I will find out probably by Wednesday if I am successful.

I really have to shake this mood. Be like that little baby in the Sushi shop who came in with is mother and smiled the whole time. Everything was amazing and awesome and smile-worthy.

Ah, to be young again.


2 thoughts on “One Of Those Days

  1. Totally understand how you feel! I have the occasional charity worker Tourette’s episode too, mainly when they use aggressive tactics, or when you’re clearly avoiding them and they launch right in front of you. Other days, I find really polite and well spoken types and end up donating. Yesterday I made a donation to a local charity for disabled children which felt nice. Good luck with the job role. I hope you cheer up soon. Just the other day I saw a good quote to remember. “It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.” πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, I understand you. I think for me it is just the way they do it. Like I said, I wouldn’t mind donating $10 at all if there was just a bucket I could drop it into – I don’t need a pin or a pen or any of that stuff.
      It just annoys me that they go on and on sometimes – like one day about a week ago it was absolutely freezing outside, really bad winds, and one guy stopped me (I usually do stop to chat with them) and was jumping around the whole “donating” thing for what seemed like ages.
      Eventually I just had to come out and say, “so what do you have, how much can I donate?” and he said, “oh, straight to the point, hey?” and I was like, “DUDE, IT’S FREEZING OUT THERE!”
      Thanks for your comment. I’m trying to cheer up πŸ™‚

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