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Yay! I skipped Winter!

Good morning everyone.

I was awoken by the sounds of what sounded like a lawnmower, and I thought to myself, hurray! I’ve managed to sleep through Winter and it’s now Spring!

I was immediately washed over by memories of being a kid on my parent’s farm, waking on Saturday morning to my father cutting the grass. Oh, how life was so fresh and simple.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t time traveled… but it was nice to feel that way, if only for a moment.

For some reason my knee was very uncomfortable and stiff for the whole night. I have a feeling it was whatever my partner and I ate for dinner last night, because neither of us could sleep (even though it was past midnight and I was the kind of tired where you can barely keep your eyes open) and this morning I feel so exhausted as I write this.
Last night was date night so traditionally that means getting take away or going out but I never know what in the world they do back there to their food – and by that I mean additives, flavours, etc that aren’t so natural and that I don’t sit well with.

Anyway, I’d better start my day. Hopefully the fog, both outside and inside, will lift and I can get some things done!


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