“For Me It’s Always Going To Be About Money”

I heard it straight from the horses mouth.

This is something I should probably keep to myself, but I kind of need help figuring this out and if you do read this I’d appreciate your two cents.

So, one of the biggest pet peeves for me is people using money as an excuse not to do things. It was the biggest thing that annoyed me about my last relationship and apparently the trend has carried over.

Money is not really my issue here however, it’s more the lack of creativity. When someone says, “we don’t have enough money to go out and do something fun” I honestly just think that is pure laziness. I mean, you remember your teenage years, right? How many of us had the best time of our lives without spending a dime? I know I did.

My partner and I were talking about “date night” and he expressed that this particular night was now lame. I asked why, and he used the fact that we don’t have any disposable income, and thus never went anywhere “fun” anymore, as his excuse. This coming from a person who will happily spend $49 on an ergonomic mouse (for a computer) but not to go and see a movie. His logic perplexes me.

So I told him you don’t need money in order to have a great night, and I tell you what, I had deja vu – standing in my old relationship, telling my ex-boyfriend the exact same thing. “We could play a game, play cards, make something together like a nice dinner or dessert, give each other massages, and, oh, I dunno, TALK TO EACH OTHER.”

But no, until we are millionaires and no longer have to work, that’ll be the day he can finally be creative. When we win the lottery, THEN he will be happy… and I’m someone who knows without a doubt now that you have to stop finding reasons NOT to be happy. Happiness is a choice; we’ve all heard the story of the man who makes enough to get by but is the happiest man alive when he comes home, because he has family, because he has his health.

So I’m not really sure what to do. I get the feeling like there will never be enough for my partner, money that is. Even if we did become millionaires I feel like he will be unhappy because we’re not billionaires and he can’t buy that island he really wants to get me because he thinks it’ll make happiness.

I have taken it upon myself in the past to show how we could enjoy ourselves with out it, but it doesn’t seem to sink in.


I dunno

One thought on ““For Me It’s Always Going To Be About Money”

  1. I think it makes it harder, but you can definitely be resourceful. I think it’s fair to say that someone might go out a lot less if they’re lacking in expendable income, but that’s not to be an excuse for lack of thoughtfulness.

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