Today, We Sew!

So my partner and I recently brought a fluffy hidey-hole for the birds to sit in during the winter. Sandy, our lady-bird, is pretty much the only one who uses it for it’s purpose, but we’ve also noticed recently that she has grown from a baby into a teen cockatiel. She has started ripping at the fabric, trying to get it to fluff up so she can build a nest.

However, the fluffy cover we brought didn’t have a back on it, so even if she did lay an egg inside it would just slip out the back and smash on the cage floor.

Sooo, I had to sew.

Let me just start off by saying I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING!


I have sewn previously in my life, but not recently, and most of those other times I was just guessing which you can probably pick up from the photo below.

Regardless of that fact, I think I did pretty good. It’s not a terrible job… I think it’ll hold.


I mean, for a triangular 3D object, props to me!

And here she is, enjoying the finished product!


Now I have to go into the garage and find the nest fluff so she can stop trying to rip the fabric apart.

UPDATE: Sandy is IN, the fluff is IN, and she’s having a ball. Makes me smile.


In other news, I’m feeling pretty good. There’s something about accomplishment that makes a day great. My knee wasn’t as swollen when I got out of bed, and I’m not trying to hack up anything from my lungs. My energy levels are also pretty good – but perhaps that’s because I didn’t sit glued to the computer screen all day. I didn’t manage to obtain any self-control around chocolate – I even went outside into the garage to get it since I did dump my chocolate-coated fruits in the garbage… that’s a good sign I need to eat more energy foods.



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