Swollen Knee

My knee is absolutely KILLING me. I’m having to wear a compression knee thing when I go to work, otherwise forget trying to walk up and down the stairs! This morning it is probably the worst it has been in a while. I couldn’t really put much weight on it, and I think my parents would kill me if they knew this was happening and I was ignoring it.

Actually, I’m pretty mad that I’m ignoring it. It’s a pretty big, huge, painful warning. It hasn’t been this swollen and sore since University.

I should pay more attention to my body, and I should be making the effort to consume the right things for my healing process instead of reaching for the things that might give me an energy high but be terrible in the long haul.

That being said, I haven’t done too badly today; I had my rice porridge and banana for breakfast, drank a licorice tea for my blood pressure, and ate a lot of veggie-based “chips” – possibly too many fats, but they are just so delicious I can’t stand it! I also had a little packet of sultanas… not really sure why…

I’m seriously considering dumping the rest of my dark chocolate covered fruits in the bin, so I won’t be tempted. Or perhaps I should exercise my self-control muscle and stick them in the cupboard? I really have no clue. I usually give things like this to my partner to hide in the house, but because I’m constantly cleaning and this house is tiny it’s only a matter of time before I would stumble upon them.

Anyway, things to do today – namely the cleaning thing, but I also have to remember how to sew so that Sandy (our female cockatiel) can make a nest in a comfy fluffy thing we brought a couple of weeks back. I have to put a back on it… but hey, that’s what YouTube is for, right? If you don’t know how to do something, just YouTube it!

Hope everyone is well.


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