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What If

So I’m going to encourage everyone to use their imaginations for this post.

I have two questions for you to think about and I don’t want ANY part of your past or future included in your answers. This is just for you, right now, where ever you are, who is in this moment right now. I really must emphases that you HAVE NO PAST in this exercise. Let it go!

1. What if you really could not fail?

I’m not asking you to answer this question as a hypothetical. I want you to take away any and all possibility of you failing. Forget all the times you feel as though you might have “failed” – they don’t exist anymore. Don’t think about “I don’t have enough of this” or “someone won’t let me do that” – In this moment you have nothing holding you back. Now, entertain the thought in your mind of whatever goal you want to accomplish, and ask “what if I really couldn’t fail?”

2. What if you really are perfect?

Remember, again, you don’t have a past so you’ve never seen a T.V ad, never picked up a magazine, never spoke to anyone else, ever – in this moment you don’t even know that anyone else exists (unless you’re reading this on a crowded bus – but that’s not the point.)
You have nothing to base any judgement on. It’s just you. You can’t base where you are on what anyone else is doing in the world – because they don’t exist!
And now, ask yourself with no judgement, “what if I really am perfect?”

Just remember that if you feel your thoughts going negative on this one, for example, “I’m a bad person” just let me say again, how do you know? You’ve don’t have a past where you were taught what is right and wrong? Another example, “no one loves me” – why is that important? You’re the only person right here, right now.

I feel as though if you really take this exercise to heart, and drop all the baggage, that you may just open a doorway to healing the relationship you have with yourself.

Note: I’m just putting this information I learned out there for anyone who wants to read it – it’s not a teaching, or a strict plan, just a simple exercise.


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