Change In LifeStyle

Morning, morning, morning, morning!

How are we all today?

I’m happy because the sun is finally out and shining.


Yesterday I spent a lot of time on YouTube, mostly because I had worn myself out the day before when I crossed a lot of things off my to do list. Somehow, as is always the case with YouTube, I ended up on some videos talking about health and one woman in particular talking about a vegan diet – raw foods and then a nighttime meal of cooked carbohydrates. It really made me take a long, hard look at my own diet and I realised that even though I had a lot of intentions to eat well, I wasn’t actually doing it.

I’m not saying that I’m going to go vegan, but I have to say that she stated a pretty good case. I have tried to change my diet in the past to vegetarian, however it seemed my body didn’t respond well too things like soy. These days, thankfully, there is a lot more on offer if you do want to make a change but can’t tolerate certain things.

The reason I consider a vegan diet is because I don’t really eat many animal products as it is. I don’t drink milk, I don’t eat eggs, I avoid cheese if it’s not necessary… and at the moment I only really eat seafood – mainly fish and squid.

The biggest things that drew me in were the fact that this woman was very fit for someone who only ate vegetables. I’m talking able to ride a bike every morning, do everything she needs to get done during the day, and has so much energy. The other thing was the fact that she used to have problems with her digestive system, just like I am still having to deal with today. She had seen specialists about her IBS who just suggested taking medication – a boat I’ve been in myself.

I think the biggest mistake that a lot of people make when they switch from eating a “normal” diet to something like this, is they eat too little – that’s why it’s seen as a lifestyle that is “too hard.” Of course if you’re going to substitute a high-carb, high protein, high-filling diet to something with just plant-based food, you’re going to have to eat more of the plant food to keep up.

For someone like me, a body that is still healing, I’m going to sub in a protein powder if I have a drinkable meal. This is where the wide range of options becomes really useful. At the moment I have a protein powder derived from pea protein, which is apparently one of the best plant-based sources and it’s super easy to digest.

For example, this morning I had a smoothie consisting of a banana, the protein powder, almond milk, blueberries and strawberries, and after drinking it I didn’t feel that my body was struggling to digest. Also, it was delish. Now, an hour later, I feel good. I don’t feel weighed down and if anything, I’m ready to have a snack.

Plus, I absolutely love fruit! So it works out nicely for me, and I get to eat it all the time, so, bonus!

This is not a lifestyle change that you should make without doing some proper research, as in, the amount of food you’ll need to consume during the day and making sure you get all the vital vitamins and minerals you need. The great thing is a lot of vegetables and fruits you find in the supermarket are super foods in their own right. As long as you “eat the rainbow” so to speak, make sure you eat a little of everything, you should have no trouble.

Has anyone else out there tried to change their lifestyle in regard to food lately?



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