Weighing Up

To apply, or not to apply, that is the question!

There is a really great opportunity at my place of employment for me – a part-time position working in a section where I can finally utilise the skills I acquired during my University degree.

Well then, you may think, why would you even considering not applying?

To tell you the truth, at the moment I don’t have a fantastic track-record when it comes to work, and that’s all due to my current health. My health at the moment is unpredictable and unreliable, and to make things just a tiny wee bit harder is the fact that ill health can bring on my anxiety and sometimes panic attacks.

The only reason why I have an doubt about putting my name in the hat is merely because I don’t want to let anyone down. At the moment, things are okay because I am just a casual – if I am sick, I don’t have to get a doctors certificate if I can’t cover my shift. Also, the work that I do has many other people trained in, so if I have to leave someone else can pick up the slack.

In this new role I’ll have my own work, my own responsibilities, and if I can’t do it then other people will have to put it on their own stack of work.

All that being said, there are a few unknowns that I have to find clarification on: the position is only part-time, so what days would I be working? What are the hours? Is there any way to cut back the hours if the days are too long for me?
A co-worker also brought up a good point when I spoke to her on Sunday – is there a possibility to work from home for half a day, or on a day when I can’t get in to work?

If the days aren’t going to be too long, or if I have an opportunity to do half days, that would be great. Also, with my mind preoccupied with actual work, perhaps there is less chance of having anxiety. I could also have the chance to listen to music at my desk which always lifts my mood or can block out distractions. I can’t, in my right mind, rule out something if I haven’t experienced it. I’ve never worked an office job before and it might suit me really well.

I’ll have to give the contact another ring and see if I can get through.

I think I would be passing up a great opportunity if I don’t go for it. Besides, I think a lot of things I mentioned can be negotiated later if I’m offered the position.


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