Slept For Days

I managed to get enough shut eye last night, going to bed at 9:30 pm and getting out of bed at 9 am. I am not AS tired as yesterday, but I am still tired. I also seemed to wake up during the night which, for me personally, is a clear indication that something is up with my body – not that I’m really all that surprised. I don’t remember the last time I put vegetables into my body.

Man, I started this post over an hour ago – got totally sidetracked.

My partner is suggesting that I should go to the government for assistance, however from what I’ve read it all seems like a lot of effort in order to get what I earn anyway from my current job. Then there is the constant having to inform the government of my situation, how much I am earning, all that fun stuff. It just seems like too much when I could just find a little extra work somewhere else, you know? I mean, $500 a fortnight is only $250 a week – and considering I earn almost $200 for a days work where I am currently employed (and more on the weekends) I’m not sure, is it even worth it?

If anyone else in Australia reads this and is on some sort of assistance, please let me know how you do with it all – the contact, the processes, etc. etc.

So, now it’s lunch time! I’m not entirely sure how that happened.

Perhaps I should just play some music and clear the old noodle.




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