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There’s A Man In My House

Don’t worry though, it’s just the plumber.

Last week was a whirlwind. I was pretty busy with keeping myself joyful, working, keeping appointments and seeing my family. Thankfully, pretty much all is well in regard to my health. Besides being overtired from going to bed so late, I am feeling rather well! Would have loooooved to sleep a little more this morning, but the owner for the house we rent knocked on the door at around 7:30 am to drop off some new taps – and ended up just leaving them on the mat anyway. Damn morning people!

I had a nice surprise on Friday in the form of a message. An old friend that I spent most of my young years with just sent me a text out of the blue, all, “How are you?” It’s a surprise because the last I heard/saw of her was at a BBQ in November – a BBQ I put on. I got a sense from the little gathering that she didn’t really see me as a friend anymore. Why? Well, I know her mannerisms. I know that she is only quiet around people she doesn’t feel she can “be herself” around and boy was she quiet at the BBQ.

Actually, my relationship with her has always been sort of, odd. This is a woman whom I went to school with. ALL of my school years. In high school we were in the same Roll Call (Home Room), had a lot of classes together and were in the same group of friends. We even had the same interests. History, Music, and even the same boy at one point.

After high school I started University and she went on a gap year. I remember I would talk to her every now and then via the Internet. Then, she started at the same University as me and was accepted into the student accommodation I was living in. We were even living on the same floor as each other and would often have all out meals together and spend a lot of time with one another.

It’s kind of surprising that really, we were close, but not the kind of close you’d imagine two people growing up like that would be. I think the problem was that we are both people who wait for someone else to make the first move. We are observers, we are gentle, we never push. If there’s someone we’d really like to be friends with, we’ll often wait for them to show their interest first.

If you put too people like that together, chances are boundaries will never be explored.

We did end up having a falling out during our University years – as you can imagine, it wasn’t a huge blow-out yell-fest – and we went our separate ways. All my doing, I can admit to now, but served it’s purpose at the time.

All that being said, I was very happy to hear from her. She is due to have a baby (something I already knew via FaceBook, which I’ve again deactivated) sometime at the end of this month, so that should be super exciting for her. I’ll have to make the effort to go and see. She looks radiant as ever.

Anyway, this plumber is taking his sweet time. I’d really like to use the bathroom but of course, I can’t!


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