Singing Lessons

Singing lesson was hard! My body kept wanting to move around while my teacher told me stand still, and all I could think was “gee, this is no fun!”

Reminiscent of my younger days when I had to do Speech and Drama lessons. Boy, did I hate those small 30 minute chucks out of my otherwise fantastic day.

It’s not the singing that’s hard, it’s the techniques – because I’ve learnt from such a young age to quiet my voice, when I try to project it I don’t do it “properly” which results in getting a sore throat and hoarse very quickly, and if you try to add singing to that equation, well, you could do serious damage. As the lessons go on I get better and better, but then my stupid stomach goes and gets upset for some reason or another and I have to take a break for a week or two. I wouldn’t say that I start from scratch, but sometimes it sure does feel like it!

Sometimes it makes me disheartened but for the most part I still do lessons because I love it. I would like to be a musician one day, share my music with the world, but for now I’m happy just singing to myself in the kitchen as my pet cockatiel, Monkey, makes wolf-whistles and head bobs.

It’s the simple things in life.

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