Let’s Try To Be Friendly


Today my partner and I drove to my parent’s house to drop off my old mattress.  We took our pet cockatiels (Monkey and Sandy) with us – they don’t really get out of the house much, and I think it’s important for every living thing to connect more with nature… or something like that…

So we loaded everything in and off we went. Monkey is surprisingly comfortable with traveling – he has been in the car 3 times, 4 now, so it takes him no time at all to relax. Sandy is a little different, but she is younger and still getting used to things.

During our trip, I was a little grumpy. I’ve not been feeling well all week, and now my stomach is being a pain – it asked for chocolate, so chocolate is what I gave it. I don’t see how it can start whining now – and so I kept going off at my partner, merely ’cause of the grump factor. I think some feelings were hurt.

It pales in comparison with what I said last night, though. I was exhausted and ready to drift off but my partner’s nose was a bit blocked up so he was making a whole bunch of weird noises. I, my friends, am a very light sleeper, so I was mighty annoyed. Usually I just nudge him and ask him to roll over, but nothing was working…

…so I said… in my most charming voice…


I don’t think it registered at the time, but when I brought it up during the car ride he said, “I remember that! So mean!”

I’m trying my best to be friendly but I’m just at the end of my tether at the moment, what with the week-long cold and now my stomach’s refusal to feel anything except nausea. Instead of date night at home, doing nothing, like we’ve done for the past 3 or so weeks, I suggested a movie and went to said movie. Even though I had anxiety and felt like I might blow chunks all over the place… so, high five for me…

Now it’s about 10 minutes to 8 PM and I think it’s time to hit the hay…



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