I Love Chocolate!

I’m going to shout it from the roof top!

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Chocolate gets such a bad wrap, but it’s a great way to boost your mood and receive a whole bunch of important minerals in your diet.

Now, what is important for chocolate lovers to understand is the amount of sugar in normal candy and chocolate bars. If I pick up this dark chocolate bar I brought from the supermarket last night and look at the ingredients – yep, SUGAR is at the top of the list with just four pieces equaling 14.5 grams. This morning, I have eaten at least two servings (8 pieces) and that’s the equivalent to grabbing some white sugar out of the pantry and eating TWO TABLESPOONS of it.

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The way that this dark chocolate is made, and also the milk chocolate too, means there is little health benefit to eating it – and I’m guessing that is why we feel so guilty when we do partake. There are other things I could go on and on about, like the amount of fats and so forth, however I’ll leave that for you to do your own detective work.

I’ve recently found a new way to enjoy chocolate, which is through the use of cacao instead of cocoa. These are both states of the cocoa bean, except “cacao” doesn’t include the roasting of the cocoa bean, while cocoa powder does. Apparently, roasting the bean to high temperatures changes the molecular structure of the bean, so it may not be AS good for you – however, I’m no expert, I’m just going off what I’ve read!

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If you head into a health food store, there is actually a good range of chocolates you can now buy that are better for you and don’t taste like you picked up a handful of dirt and shoved it in your mouth. I brought some “caramel” chocolate just the other day, and it was delicious – all it had in it was cacao, cashews, coconut and coconut oil. THAT’S IT! I’ve yet to try the dark chocolate, but I’m sure it’s going to taste great!

So, if you are wanting to eat some chocolate, but wish to avoid the inevitable guilt that may arise from doing so, I’d advise you to have a quick look at the bar you picked up. Going for the healthier option doesn’t just apply to fast food meals and drinks – thankfully we live in a time where just about everything we eat comes with a better choice.

So, I won’t give myself any grief for eating this chocolate because I know I have an option to do a little better next time.


(Mostly wrote this as a way to shove this information into my own brain, but if it helps you too, great!)


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