Cinema Fun

This morning is freezing! I live in an area where you can see your breath, it’s bone-chilling weather, but it doesn’t snow. What a rip! I’ve had the heater on for at least 2 hours this morning but it’s still cold…

Last night my partner and I went to the movies to see A Million Ways To Die In The West. I was well aware that Seth MacFarlane (creator of Family Guy, etc.) wrote, directed and acted in the movie, so it was going to be a little different to other comedies, and I really enjoyed it. It started off a bit slow but seemed to get funnier as time went on. Similar cutaways that he uses in the cartoons, similar humour too – but not as in-your-face.

About 20 minutes to an hour into the film I was feeling sick. For some reason, over the past few days, my stomach feels really ill after eating dinner. We had some food right before we went into the cinema, and I felt so nauseous that I was convinced I might throw up at any second. That, of course, set off my anxiety/panic. So I went to the bathroom, if anything so I could “walk it off”, and just had to wait for the feeling to subside. Eventually it did, but frustrating none-the-less.

Our experience of the movie was a little weird – we sat down right at the back, and a few moments later two girls walked in and sat down directly in front of us! This is in a cinema where the only other seats occupied was by a family of four a little further down.
Then, 3 other people walked in and sat at the side right near us – and I could just tell they were the kind of people who would talk during a film, and they did.
The vibe during the screening was restless. People got up, changed seats, went out of the cinema, back in again, talked, laughed, etc. Somewhere towards the end, the family got up and left (I think because the 12 year old they took with them was wandering around the aisles, leaving the room, jumping around in his seat) and a member of the public who hadn’t paid for the movie tried to sneak her way in.
What’s more, the door to the cinema we were in didn’t close properly unless an usher did it from the outside. So, every time someone left (including myself) the doors stayed open and you could hear sound from other cinemas as well as people walking past talking.

The movie itself I really liked, but I was just happy to go home afterwards and have a cup of tea and watch some Futurama.


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