Don’t Look Directly At It

There are a lot of times in life when we learn that to look at something directly either spells danger, or losing sight of it completely.

Don’t look directly into the sun, you’ll damage your vision.

Don’t look directly into the eyes of a wild animal, they’ll take it as a threat.

If you try and pin-point the exact location of that thing in your eye, it’ll just dart away.

Have you ever noticed that these rub off on your daily life?

Don’t be too boastful of your achievements, they might disappear.

Don’t compliment your friend or partner on something, because they might stop doing it.

If you try and pin-point too much detail to a situation, disappointment usually ensues.


Ever since my partner got back from his weekend conference, he has been acting weird. Polite, and caring, optimistic and apologetic – he even says, “You are right and I am wrong” WITHOUT being sarcastic. It is honestly a miracle – being a giver at heart, I adore this, all of this. If he starts rubbing my feet without me even asking or encourages me to talk about my feelings, then I’ll have to assume everyone at the conference was replaced with loving robots… or aliens…

I want to compliment him on this behaviour overhaul, but I’m afraid that if I address it directly it might dart away!


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