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Dear Diary, I Think I Have The Man-Flu


Dear Diary,

I am unaware how many days now I have been at the mercy of this head cold. One minute it seems as though it might be leaving me, the next, I can barely pick myself up out of my desk chair to have nutrition that would surely make the healing process faster.

I hope that soon, I will be able to feel capable again.

I’m wishing that these hot/cold flushes would ease. It’s hard enough trying to maintain a livable temperature in Winter.

This has been my second cold this year, so it’s probably not the dreaded “man-flu” however I am suffering quite profoundly and wish for this resistance to end. Trying to arouse any sympathy from my partner has so far been detrimental and futile; my usual coping techniques have somewhat deserted me for now.

I hope to live another day to write to you, Diary.




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