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Why Is There Water On My Bed?

I found it impossible to switch off that part of my brain that was trying to convince me someone was in the house with me last night. I checked EVERY ROOM before I went to bed (mostly to see if all the heaters were off/lights weren’t on) and every noise from my neighbours made me jump from my skin.

When I finally dragged my butt to bed after the teeth brushing and the hot water bottle making, I noticed this:


That’s right, a wet patch ON THE BED.


I was the ONLY person in the house last night. I have no cats or dogs, and I wasn’t anywhere near the bed all day, especially not with water.

I sent the picture to my partner – his only comment was, “Ha. Looks like a penis.”

Very helpful.

So I searched the house AGAIN – I mean, I knew that no one was hiding, but I had to make sure. Once your brain grabs hold of that idea, it won’t go silently into the good night.

When I had looked EVERYWHERE, I got into bed and played a game on my phone for at least an hour. I didn’t want to turn the light off – but eventually my eyes won over and my body was so tired that it just didn’t care anymore.

It did rained yesterday… and perhaps the roof had a leak in it that magically re-sealed itself?

I also toyed with the idea what it was from the previous night – had I drooled so much that I created a puddle? I was very cold all day, so it would make sense for it not to dry…

Anyway, to remedy this weird feeling I have inside, I’ve decided to turn my desk around in the office – at the moment my back is facing the door and it gives me the heebie-geebies.


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