What To Do

Woke up with a killer-sore throat. Unfortunately, not from a cold (when has anyone ever uttered those words!) but from reflux. I thought all this pain-in-the-butt burning of my throat was over and done with, but apparently not.

It was a bit of a restless night. At 12:30 we had a random power serge and I could hear a weird whirring noise – turns out our garage door decided to open. After that, I suffered from the usual “couple of hours here, couple of hours there” sleep. To put it into perspective, a couple of months ago I was sleeping fine and easily getting out of bed at 7 or 7:30 AM. Now I don’t poke my head out until at least 10.

Not really sure what to do today.

I think there is something wrong with my WordPress account because:
a) even though I make changes to the layout/look-and-feel of my page, when I open it up it stays on the default setting, and;
b) I don’t seem to be getting any traffic from other WordPress users (besides the lovely people who are already following me.) I am getting traffic from search engines, though. Perhaps I’ve just lost my touch to engage people – I’m not writing about anything worth reading?

So I’m wondering if I should just pack it all in, start fresh… Open some blogs or webpages that actually have something to do with my work rather than just ranting and raving about absolutely nothing. I love this blog but I think it has served it’s purpose. I’ll still keep in so I can still read all the wonderful blogs I am following.

What to do.




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