The World’s Gone Topsy-Turvy

I’m just writing this post to pass some time, really.

For once my partner has beaten me to bed! However, I was told that he’s “not going to turn the lights off,” so I’m heading back that way in another 30 minutes or so.
Very odd, actually.
Rather than come home, eat, and then sit in front of the computer all night stressing, he came home, ate, took a bath for an hour or so, and then climbed into bed.

My day zipped past, but I feel as though I didn’t do a lot. I didn’t emerge until about 10:30/11 AM, had something to eat and did my usual morning things. A little after brunch at 1 PM, the sink clogged. I had to take the u-bend apart to find the cause – it was a huge clump of solid butter.

The butter was from the previous night – my partner was in a cooking competition today, and so we made some delicious gluten free choc, chill, coconut, cherry pastries. He was a little too liberal with the butter smeared on top and when we took it out of the oven, the pastries were literally swimming in butter. So, my partner poured it down the sink, which, for the record, I know you shouldn’t do.

So here I am today with a knife trying to stab the butter, loosen it up enough to come out of the pipe. When I told my partner about it he was impressed I knew how to unclog a sink. I’m surprised he was surprised.

Before I knew it I had to bang the pastries in the oven to warm them up, dust them with icing sugar, and drive to my partner’s work to drop them off at 3 PM.

3:30 PM was an appointment via Skype. It was only supposed to be for an hour, however it went a lot longer until 5 PM. Made me feel a lot better about life in general.

Before I knew it, I had to rustle something up for dinner – in the end it was a pretty poor effort but I couldn’t think of anything.

Basically spent the rest of the night cleaning the kitchen (most of it emptying out the dishwasher and then packing it again) and put other things away.

Tell you the truth I’m not really that tired, but I’m not awake enough to do anything productive.

I’ll go back to the bedroom and try my luck – perhaps it’s bed time.



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