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…And All The Grownups Will Ask, “Why Are The Kids Crying?”

I woke up this morning to the news that comedic great Rik Mayall has passed away


Rik made up a huuuuuge part of everyone’s life, but I thought I’d talk a little about what he meant in my life.

The first time I saw Rik was in Drop Dead Fred. Like I think every child did, I wished I had an imaginary friend as weird, wacky and loving as him.

After that, my father and I rented a show called Bottom where he plays a not-so-wealthy character called Richie living with his friend, and co-star/co-writer, Eddie (Adrian Edmondson). Let’s just say nothing ever goes right for the two and it made my father laugh so hard he’d often have tears streaming down his face or have to pause it to have an attack of asthma.

I discovered a friend of mine having the same love for his man, and her family had copies of The Young Ones. So we sat, glued to the T.V watching the loveable group and the next day at school we would quote all the hilarious lines to each other.

I rented the shows and invited friends to watch, and then we had groups of friends yelling out weird lines across the playground or in the classroom. Sometimes I would meet new people and find they had some kind of connection to Rik and his work, and it brought everyone closer together.

I had the movie Guesthouse Paradiso – which I absolutely loved – but when my brother moved out to go to University it went missing. I asked him, “do you have my movie?” to which he would always reply, “no.” One day when my parents and I traveled to visit him, I looked in the cabinet underneath his T.V to find… MY MOVIE! I should have taken it, but I didn’t really cross the path of my brother, it was too scary!


Rik just had a wonderful way of making everyone so happy, excited and entertained. Unfortunately, I’d never seen him live, what a great experience that would have been!

It’s a wonderful example of how if you just be your wacky self, the whole world will fall in love with you.

And the whole world definitely fell in love with this man.

I think I will take some time out today to appreciate comedy, laughter and fun by watching some of his work. I know I often forget to lighten up, and what better way to do it than his comedic genious.

Rest In Peace, and importantly, Thank You, Rik Mayall.


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