Updates, Updates. Get Your Updates Here!

Just a quick update.

I’ve managed to finish the holiday video and showed my partner. He said, and I agree, that some of the photos and footage go by too quickly. I forget that people watching the video don’t have the memory of the place that I do, so I’ll have to rethink some of it.

I am working tomorrow, for the public holiday, I am super happy about that. Why? Well, the hourly rates will be fantastic and it means I’ll make a fair bit just for one day’s work. I haven’t been at work for two weeks now. I don’t really want to go back, but I have to at least try and pull my weight financially.

My partner wants children soon. I’m not ready yet. I don’t know what to do.

My stomach is starting to feel better – I changed my diet and took the tablets given to me – and so today I’m going to my first singing lesson in 2 weeks. Will still have to take it easy, as my anemia is still a bother.

I received a gift card for the mall at Christmas time from our friends, but after we moved I lost it. My partner was going through one of the boxes we have yet to unpack and found it! Now when I think of something nice for the house I’d like to buy, I can actually go and get it!

Continuing to finish my songs. I should finish two or three and then find a place to play. Singing in front of people terrifies me but I’m trying to think differently about it. I have to ignore the pressure placed on musicians and think about how music should be – a communal, enjoyable, fun experience… people coming together to share.

I should get ready. My partner finishes a short shift at work soon and then we are going for lunch and to buy dinners for the rest of the week.


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