A List

I created a list to focus on some positive things, also to stretch out the imagination a bit. Feel free to copy and use in your own blog.

10 places you want to see

Egypt, Ireland, Scotland, Easter Island, Peru, Antarctica, Estonia, America, Canada, Sweden

9 foods you absolutely love

Chocolate, Pizza, Chicken/Pumpkin Soup, Hot Chips, A Delicious Salad, Bananas, Humus, Salmon, Cookies

8 chill-out things you love to do

Read a book, Sit in the Sun, Take a nice, hot bath, Play video games, Watch movies, Watch YouTube videos, Take a walk in nature

7 character traits you look for in a friend

Honest, Committed, Not hold grudges, Sense of humour, Love easily, Encouraging, Fun

6 things you’d take with you to a deserted island

A comfortable bed, Guitar, A lot of pens and paper, Sunglasses, A puppy, A crate full of useful tools and odds & ends

5 movies that you’d watch over and over again

Labyrinth, Ace Ventura (couldn’t decide which one), White Chicks, The Lion King, Toy Story

4 wishes you’d like to see come true

Do something that I really, really love to do for a living, People finally accepting one another, To finally just be healthy, Meeting another life-form

3 things that make you, you

Great, big heart, Over-active imagination, My whole body

2 times when you were blissfully happy

When I was a child, growing up on the farm. Fun, family, joy, adventure, love. All there.
Seeing my favourite band on my birthday with my best friend. Really great

1 dream job

Create and play music, all day every day.

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