Blurt It Out

I don’t really know who to tell this to, so I’m just going to blurt it out online.

I just had to drive a car full of drunk people to the other side of the city. I shouldn’t say “had to” because I didn’t, but I wanted to as a favour to my partner – he is always so kind to me, I figure I should do something in return.

In case you aren’t aware, or have forgotten, what drunk people are like – let me refresh your memory.

Overly friendly.

Thankfully my partner is always his beautiful self, so he kept quiet for most of the trip, but the rest of them! Yelling at other cars, asking me a million questions (including my favourite – ‘why do you hate me?’)

The reason I’m writing this all down here is because I had a panic attack while trying to complete my task. I have not been feeling very well today, and so my anxiety was already through the roof. On the way to our destination I could feel myself regretting my decision but I kept going.

A little under halfway there I could feel a panic attack bubbling up. They were being noisy, I was getting really hot, and, like I said, anxiety was already really high. It got to the point where I couldn’t ignore it anymore and so I had to pull the car over.

The car went silent – I had already joked about leaving them on the side of the road, and my partner pipped up with “I think she is pissed.” The guy in the front passenger seat thought we had been pulled over, which was cute.

I did something totally out of character, I said, “Okay, everyone just needs to shut the **** up. I’m sorry for my language, but I need you to be quiet.” It’s out of character because normally I am very reserved and won’t rock the boat – even if what is happening affects me a lot. It’s a terrible character trait I hope to break someday.

All the boys in the car turned into my best friend – “yeah, shut up guys”, “yeah, give it a rest”, “we’ll be quiet.”

I took my heavy winter jacket off, and then my jumper, and I was left sitting with a t-shirt on. I contemplated getting my partner to jump in and take over but a) drunk, obviously, and; b) he had an allergic reaction in his eye earlier and so couldn’t really see out of it.

I took a deep breath, already starting to cool down, and knew there was nothing I could do but just keep going. Of course about 3 minutes later they were back to being their loud, obnoxious selves.

Long story short we all made it. I dropped them off, they all said thank you for the lift (except the one guy I don’t know very well who got beer on the floor of my car even though I said no open bottles) and my partner leaned in my window to tell me he loved me.

I was happy to have the car to myself on the drive home, and don’t think I’ll be doing anything like that for a long time.

Hope everyone who is out partying takes a moment to appreciate the driver!



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