Neighbours, Everybody Loves Their Neeeeighbours

Recently, and when I say recently I mean last night and today, cars have been parked on a little dirt area in front of our new rental house. We share this area with our neighbours – half is technically theirs, and half ours.

I don’t actually care if they want to park a car there – I’m assuming it is them because who else would? – but in this instance, it has really made my blood boil.

For me to safely navigate my drive way, when I leave the garage, I have to avoid my partner’s parked car by swinging out onto the dirt area before mentioned. Since the neighbours car now occupies “our” part of that dirt area it is really hard for me to get out of my drive way. It’s also dangerous because I almost hit it this morning, taking my partner to work, as it sits in a blind spot.

We live in those little townhouse-type places, were we are all living on top of each other, and our driveway isn’t very big.

I think the reason I have become so fiery about it is because it stresses me out!

I wish I was a strong enough person to go next door and ask them politely not to park there, but it scares the shit out of me. I am leaving it for now because I’m hoping the cars belong to visitors and this will all be over tomorrow.

If not, then it really just annoys me. They have a driveway with two, count ’em, TWO garages, room enough for two cars in the driveway, and there is a special area for visiting cars less than 50 metres down the street! I mean, if my partner and I can make a tiny driveway work for two sedans, what is their excuse?

I’m hoping it all goes away and I can go back to not worrying about driving my car out of my own bleeping house.



3 thoughts on “Neighbours, Everybody Loves Their Neeeeighbours

  1. Stuff like this boils my blood because it comes down to a lack of consideration of people outside ones self. I felt with something similar when my husband and I rented a basement apartment and the house next to is got rented out to four college guys that parked everywhere.

      1. That was nice at least. It’s hard for me to ask people to change waft they’re doing when I’m upset. I know it’s hard for me not to sound bitchy when I’m mad.

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